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Coffee Beans - Arabica Vs. Robusta

Coffee Beans - Arabica Vs. Robusta

Arabica vs. Robusta - What is the big difference?

Coffee is somewhat similar to win in this regard it is affected by the soil it is grown in, the altitude plays a big part and of course there are dozens of other climatic factors.  Currently there are almost 100 coffee producing nations in the world, and it is said that Ethiopia alone has over 10,000 varieties, meaning the possibilities are endless.

One thing that is true in the coffee world is that the best tasting coffee is in fact made from Arabica beans. Arabica beans unlike Robusta are naturally mild and aromatic, and have a rich pallet, they are imbued with various subtle flavors.

If you are looking for something far more bitter, with a ton of more caffeine Robusta is something that is definitely for you. Robusta is something that is often used by a lot of coffee makers because the plants make more economic sense, they produce a heartier yield and are much easier to grow.  Overall though it is less desirable, Robusta is much more resilient against diseases and is much more inspect resistant than Arabica.  If a manufacturer is using Robusta beans it is simply because they make much more economic sense, the yield can be 3x as much as Arabica and since Robusta beans have a higher yield of caffeine that makes them a much more powerful insecticide and anti-microbial agent than Arabica beans.

Unfortunately the quality of both beans has been altered over the years by manufacturers and producers who cut corners simply trying to increase their bottom line.  No one will argue that Arabica beans and coffee have always been superior but now the test and guidelines of true Arabica beans and coffee have loosened up over the years.

Traditional Arabica beans are grown in the mountains above 600 meters while Robusta are simply grown in more flat altitudes which are much more accessible to everyday people.

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